Dos and Don'ts

Dos And Don'ts

  1. Guests are requested to keep own medicines, water bottle and windchiters along with them.
  2. Request to make the use of torch/ mobiles at minimum level.
  3. Smoking, drinking alcohol, shouting in jungle, Carrying firearms, throwing plastic or other waste, killing or capturing fireflies is strictly not permitted.
  4. Kindly wear full pants/ salwars. Half pants/ Bermudas are not allowed.
  5. Making fire / campfire in jungle is not permitted
  6. Use of plastic bags/ dishes/ glasses / bottles etc is prohibited.
  7. Kindly park the vehicles in a proper manner so passing by vehicles will get enough space to move on
  8. Kindly kill the vehicle engine and switch off the head lights/ tail lamps of vehicles to enjoy the fireflies.
  9. Be polite with the local tribal people. This event is to support them.
  10. Company shall not be responsible for cost occurred for any sudden illness of visitors, damage to the property, theft, accidents, deaths, closure of roads due to political issues, strikes, closure of venue by Forest Dept without notice.etc.