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About Kajwa Mahotsav by the Director

The area of the Bhandardara is known to me from my childhood. In those days there were very less private vehicles and government vehicles were plying for Bhandardara. The Ratanwadi was connected via Grampanchayat boat and the road was in a very much battered condition. The jungle was thick and full of animals and birds like leopards, Flying Squirrels, Monkeys,fox, peacocks etc. The high mountains of Alang, Madan, Kulang, Ratangad, Katrabai, and Aajoba were calling to the trekkers. The 2000 year old temple of Amruteshwar in thick forest is symbol of deep faith in religion which has been constructed on the bank of river Pravara.

The tribal life was hard enough and food, water was scarce. The thousands of gallons of water was useless for the tribal’s as it was reserved for the urban people and for the farming. The original villages were shifted by the Britisher in mountains for the construction of Wilson dam (Bhandardara dam) and to give space to its backwaters.

As I am visiting this area from last many years and going through the pain in the eyes of the local villagers, there was a thought to do something for the locals.

Before few years back I started taking my friends and family members to Bhandardara and then the tourists. The fireflies come in the hottest month ‘ May’ which was not at all a season to visit Bhandardara. But eventually the tours to see these glowing insects started getting popular and gave concept of birth of Kajwa Mahotsav.

In these tours, the locals are working as guides, helping in offering accommodation, tasty food and entertain tourists by showing their tribal dance skills. I am proud that most of the earnings in these tours are getting distributed in the locals.

By registering in the Kajwa Mahotsav you are making sure to be a strong pillar which is making the life of local tribal’s easier.

Ambrish More
Deccan Travel Corporation